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Attention AD&D GAMERS:

I created this page for the basic reason of linking up as many
possible AD&D sites that may be useful to DM's and players.
This Page is Basically a GIANT book mark.
For DM's:
There are links on this page to Web sites which generate dungeon maps,
NPC's, Villages, Mazes,Taverns and more...
For Players:
There are links to Web sites that have downloadable software for
character generation.
To fellow gamers:
I would seriously appreciated it if you would e-mail me about
links that I don't have on this page that would be of interest and use
to you or all gamers.
The Legal Crud:
I do not challenge anyone's copyrights implied or otherwise
etc. ad nasuem...blah, blah, blah...


Links that are a MUST for all AD&D Gamers

Dungeons & Dragons: Character Sheets/Generators/Programs/Netbooks&Guides/OtherLinks/&News Groups
iG Tools: Generators for: Villages,Citys,Taverns,Dungeons,Caverns, and more...even an awsome Calendar generator...
The Cave: Generators For: Names, NPC's, and an excellent Village generator...
TSR: The TSR Page
Profantasy : Ever wanted to make your own Map of say a dungeon, City, or Continent? Well I reccommend Visiting This site, Take a look at Campaign Cartographer...It's an awsome program
Example of Core Rules 2.0 Charater Converted to HTML: Core Rules 2.0 is WAY better than Core Rules... Check out this Character I made with it. CR2.0 Can also make maps...for more detailed information vist TSR's Web site.
Graphmap: A 3-D mapping program
WorldBuilder: Site with a world-building program
Mystic Mat's AD&D Site: A really Cool AD&D site.
Evermore: Has some information about Core Rules 2.0 and a Download of the month

Sam T.

Check out Barnes and Nobles for AD&D stuff by typing in the box: Dungeons and Dragons