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Attention AD&D GAMERS:

I created this page for the basic reason of linking up as many possible AD&D 
sites that may be useful to DM's and players. This Page is Basically a 
GIANT book mark. 
There are links on this page to Web sites which generate dungeon maps,
NPC's, Villages, Mazes,Taverns and more...

There are links to Web sites that have downloadable software for 
character generation, and other cool things like new classes and kits!

Fellow gamers:
I would seriously appreciated it if you would e-mail me about links that I do not
have on this page that would be of interest and use to you or all gamers.
By the way I answer questions pertaining to gaming, i.e. help on how to get fellow 
gamers to pay attention or find things on the web for you. But be patient I 
may answer some questions as late as a few months just keep emailing me. 
Remember if this if you bother me with a problem a lot I will think it is 
important, other wise I might forget (accidently and not rudely) your email due
to day by day affairs(Yes I have a life! Despite what Bill says, hell he's the one
that's married!).

To answer an e-mail from a passer by of my page. 

Q) Why don't I have lots of cool images, graphics, drop bars, java scripts, and a lot of 
really high browser capable crap. 

A) 2 reasons 1) Not every person has money to afford a computer that can run 
Netscape 4.+ or I.E. 5.+ etc, 2) All those baubbles (cool images, graphics,
etc...) take time to load, and this is predomminatly a link page not a web-site 
it is a page that links to other peoples pages or sites, basically as I said above
it is  a giant book mark, people don't like waiting 20 minutes for a bookmark. is a quicker way to this page than:
Though both work.

I'M BACK HEHEHEHEHEHEHHE !!!! I've been away from the gaming arena awhile but I'm back!
Oh by the way BreakCheck sucks! I know that's a cheap shot and really distasteful using
my web-page to bash Break Check but they pissed me off. Has something to do with 
royally f-ing up my car, and after 2 grand I'm livid.

Last Updated: 2/27/00

This Web Page will be undergoing major re-construction in the next few weeks


Links that are a MUST for all AD&D Gamers

THACO Page : Page That Has Examples and Helps EXPLAIN
What THAC0 is.
The Empire of Galovinius: I Highly Reccommend this page
Defrag's Realm: Cool Stuff
Dungeons & Dragons: Character Sheets/Generators/Programs/Netbooks&Guides/OtherLinks/&News Groups
iG Tools: Generators for: Villages,Citys,Taverns,Dungeons,Caverns, and more...even an awsome Calendar generator...
The Cave: Generators For: Names, NPC's, and an excellent Village generator...
TSR: The TSR Page
Profantasy : Ever wanted to make your own Map of say a dungeon, City, or Continent? Well I reccommend Visiting This site, Take a look at Campaign Cartographer...It's an awsome program, be aware it's a CAD and not free
Example of Core Rules 2.0 Charater Converted to HTML: Core Rules 2.0 is WAY better than Core Rules... Check out this Character I made with it. CR2.0 Can also make maps...for more detailed information vist TSR's Web site.
LordSpeaks Page: A page that has a lot of downloads of various stuff
Corceia An AD&D Page that has some Cool stuff, Still underconstruction
WorldBuilder: Site with a world-building program
Evermore: Has some information about Core Rules 2.0 and a Download of the month
Visit Not really AD&D related but I love Linux!

Sam T.

Check out Barnes and Nobles for AD&D stuff by typing in the box: Dungeons and Dragons
And No I don't get any money from B&N for that ad yet.

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